Sid Maurer - The Artist

Sid Maurer is a man of great and many stories now compiling the soon to be published book of his life and times globally in the music industry. His long career in the world of Art and Music began at seventeen when he was hired as assistant art director at Columbia Records in New York City, where he spent weekends playing trumpet in Jazz clubs. As the music business exploded, Maurer worked designing album covers and promotional material for popular artists most of whom live beyond their years, today in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, paintings and photographs produced by him and his co-worker of the period then the young Andy Warhol. They photographed the celebrities themselves, backstage, themselves, and hired other photographers whose work they respected like Frank Polony and styling at the studio for George Hurell another close friend of Sid Maurers. Many celebrities sent them favorite photos, to work from who loved both Warhol and Maurer's the Pop Art style.

It was during this period 1960's that Maurer’s work as a painter first gained major recognition, appearing in galleries and auctions in London, with his dear friend manager of the rolling Stones, Andrew Loog Oldham who dedicated a chapter to Sid in his book "2Stoned'. Sid's dear friend Brian Jones who became a bandleader selected paintings in the mid & late 1960's of Sid's for The Rolling Stones whom he named. Sid painted Brian and his girlfriend Linda who had a son Julian in 2013 by Linda's request..

Exhibitions launched in London, New York, Los Angeles, Asia, Paris and Spain. In the early nineties, Maurer realized that the empire of music and art, that he had helped to build befriending the greatest musicians and band leaders of the globe, in his many days in London, with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Janice Joplin, Mama Kass , George Harrison, Marilyn Monroe, the Rat Pack in Vegas, to name a few, to his backstage adventures with Michael Jackson, Charity Events with Justin Bieber, and 1D, left him little time to pursue his true passion: painting. After years of living in New York and befriending Marilyn Monroe in his apartment elevator, Bob Guccione owner of Penthouse, who's photos he took, and whose portrait he painted, to his days with Robert Kennedy and the FBI investigations after his death, Sid moved to Georgia where he has lived ever since and created the series called "Americana" ,“Vanishing Georgia” and developed a vast catalog of works revolving around the Civil War, and created the American Icon series, while continuing and perfecting his personal style focused for a decade on The Sid Maurer WorldTour Exhibition. In the last decade, his work has hung in a wide variety of venues, including the U.C.L.A. campus, the Carnegie Museum ,and Retroback Exhibition Granada Spain 2011 hosted by Sean Ferrer the son of Audrey Hepburn who Sid Maurer also painted. His world tour exhibition is scheduled to commence in 2014 and travel from Korea to the Vittoriano in Rome and then the Centre Pompidou in Paris all of whom will share the Maurer merchandise in their gift stores which will teach the young generation about the past grandeur of The Stars..Sid also worked with many artists and photographers as in his relationship with Salvador Dali and photographer Carl Vechten in 1939. Sids works were purchased by Enrique Sabatier, from Spain who was executive assistant to Salvador Dali for many years.Enrique gave this work to Museum Masters at the Salvador Dali exhibition in New York City in 2012.

The Celebrities Choice For Their Paintings

Sidney Randolph Maurer the artist has painted and loved over 350 of the worlds celebrated icons. Many of the great 14th, 15th and 16th century painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo had patrons. Without such patrons they could not continue painting and share their vision as  Sid Maurer has of current auctions and up and coming , exhibitions.

His original paintings and original fine art signed and numbered editions are rising in value throughout the world. Museum Masters has great visions for future exhibitions and newly commissioned portraits that will grace the private collections and charities of the modern celebrity icon greats from Madonna to Julia Roberts and Elvis to Lady Gaga and Sid was engaged by Pepsi to do their limited edition Portrait cans the Sid Maurer Mariyn cans now traveling to galleries and museums world wide! Sid Maurer continues to pace his daily ideas and international requests adding to his current collection including, sport players, musicians, Americana, Endangered Species, Heroes and Heroines; past and present and religion. Sid used his personal friendships, relationships to embed the artistic ambiance of his emotions into his original paintings. He has used the people he has known and lived with from the Rolling Stones, Donovan, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth,  Bridgette Bardot, Liz Taylor,  etc., to enhance his archive.

Sidney Maurer’s Technique

The artworks created begin with images from assorted photographs that he has taken or has been given by the photographers and celebrities, which inspire Mr. Maurer creations of the  people he has known, loved and believed have made a significant contribution to the betterment of all mankind. His creative eye blends the details from the photo collages to his unique gifted brush which significantly transforms photo collages into the collectible masterpieces of Sidney Randolph Maurer.

He uses his own photography and blends photos given to him by the celebrities and photographers to create his underlying black-and-white image. Then he enlarges on a piece of plywood and gessos the wood. He takes exacting measurements of both the wood and the blended final image created using (hair, mouth, dress, jewelry etc.), so that the photo collage and the painting become one and the same.

Sidney then glues the collage of photographic paper onto the wood in such a way that it is fully and permanently affixed. It is then bonded to the wood and will endure for many lifetimes. Listening to intense fabulous music that inspires him, he bombards the image with mixed media - crayon, acrylics, watercolor dyes, sumi ink, oils and varnish that moves him in the artistic process to yield a rendering that does justice to the subject. In this regard, he is completely unique in the History of Art and in the history of Rock n Roll, and political events that add to  the future of teaching the young generations about Hollywood and Glamour. .His international donations to Children's charities, Orphanages, Sandy hook, and to the Animal Shelters, set examples of the total Artist who has made a life goal for  betterment of mankind and the planet!